Monday, December 13, 2010

Art and architecture

I love art, not only in a museum but also when I can make it by myself.
I really don't know much about art, maybe because I think it's far more important how I perceive and experience it than what others have to tell about their own experience.
Making art by myself is fun. I love manga style but also realistic, fantasy and other styles.

I don't know much about architecture. I love victorian but that is really all I know about it.
I think architecture is important for the world because otherwise it would be grey and boring.
I love many things of architecture, but I'm more interested in the inside of buildings than the outside.
I would love to have a house with lots of open spacious rooms, with a large staircase. And rooms with a two persons bed, it's own bathroom and a
walkin closet. A big kitchen, a big livingroom with a plasma television and a big garden with a swimmingpool and more.

I have a big fantasy since I probably never will get such a house. But a girl has to dreams, hasn't she?


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