Sunday, November 17, 2013


Some people know, I am a real food addict.
I thought it would nice to show you what I made and ate over the years.

 Apple pie~! Home made, always deli~!
Lasagna, I love it~!
Banana, with chocolate, ice-cream and whipped cream.
This are Dutch Pancakes, natural. I sometimes make special ones,
With fruit and cheese.... hmm........
Made with my bro, Ramen~!
Noodle dish, made with my bro.
Rice with peanut sauce, broccoli and a piece of Dutch cheese~! 
Another Noodle/Ramen dish.
Another version of our deli Lasagna~!
Making of: Dutch pancakes.
I mix of Asian food with my chicken addiction.
Toad in the hole, I love English food.
Not home made, but I love Ice-cream~!
Drill pudding, not really home made, but its so deli~!
We made this, and it fell out really strangely. I thought it looked funny ^^
A very simple dish but I love to make something so easy, yet so delightful.
A rice dish with egg.
Easy, yet again.. hhhhmmmmm....

That's it~!
See you next time~!