Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I am a people person.
I like talking with people, about stuff I like.

But there are people on this world that can take disadvantage of it.
It happens everywhere. People take peoples trust and then do hurtful stuff.
Whether its bullying, or picking fights. It always happens everywhere.

People have picked fights with me. I don't like fights.
I try to go out of the way of them.
But this time, I couldn't.

Saying stuff about a person is hurtful. Even if they're the truth.
Even if it is the truth, better try saying it to someone, in a nice manner.
Instead saying it in a rude and harsh way.

Also misunderstandings are normal. We all have them.
But getting mad, and continuing to be mad, only because you think your right?
What is the use of that?
Can't you see you hurt other people?
That it brings people down?

I don't want to be down, sad, hurt or anything like that.
I try to be happy, and I can be because I know I have people who loves me,
cares for me,
and don't want to loose me.

But you can't have that, every place you go.
I found that out.
And I can deal with that.
But making people feel worse than they are,
making you the boss over them?

I have had enough of people who think they know me.
Can't people see, that if I don't trust them, I don't show them the real me?

The real me, is a honest, sweet, social, kind, happy and friendly person.
But if you take the wrong things out me then you get,
and unhappy person.

I do not want to be the person, who has all the bad sides.
I don't have a bad side, if you don't try to get it out of me.

I am a bubbly and happy person, so let me be like that.
If you honestly think I suck, or I am just some stupid person who you can make fun of,
Get away.
I don't want to be unhappy anymore.

I am me, so let me be me.
And don't pick fights, hurt or mess around with me.
I am not meant for that.

I have met some great people the past month.
I lost people,
I am glad some people are still around.

But everyone in my life, gives me a lesson.
A way to see the world different.

There are happy lessons, and sad lessons.

And every person in the world, carries a part for that.
Whether it is the news, people around me, on facebook,
in my neighbourhood, my city, my country, in the world.

We all carry a piece of a lesson for someone else.
It is what we do with it, that matters.

So I try to do my best with my piece of a lesson, and I get mixed in the ones of others.
Yet some are things you don't want to be mixed into.
Then take a step back.
And I think I need to take a step back, right here right now.

So I will.
But people must realise, that words aren't just words.
Words are knives, that can be double edged if you don't watch out.
Yet you can just kill with words.
Or you can cut some bread with it, and feed someone, the happy things.

I try to give happy things, and I send happy words to people I care about.
But if someone sends me mean words, then there won't be happy words anymore.
Then I will be silent.

Then the happy words go to someone else, someone who needs them.

I have had enough of people who mess things up, yet they will always be in this world.
It is up to you what you do with it.

I will just stay happy, and glad I have people who care.
People who want me to be around.

I just stay with them, not because I am scared to go out.
But to have a place where I can fall back to.

So thank you to everyone who wants to be a pillow for me, someone who catches me in the bad times.
And want to care for me.
People who are here for me. Who love me.
Who take me for who I am,
Who want to receive and give me happy words.
So to everyone who thinks I am someone who matters.

Thank You