Friday, December 10, 2010


As a very young child, at the age of 2, I used to stop playing when I heard music. My mom told me that I would listen for a moment and then would start to dance in front of the speakers.

I wanted to go to balletlessons like my older brother, but I had to wait until I was 6 years old.

I'm having balletlessons since I'm six years old.
I love it because of the music and because I can put my soul in it.

I have been on stage too and it was a good experience. People who look at you and think the dance you made is good. It made me feel proud.
Maybe you know what I mean.

I love dancing so much that I do it every day, even when it's not for
I'm also happy to dance because I wanna make my family and friends proud.
I have many things accomplished.
Not only did I perform every year with my group, but I was also one of the soloists a couple of times, and I did the choreography of parts of dancepieces a couple of times.

I've had a classical ballet training, but this year I started a new course which schedules different kind of dances, like jazz, dance expression, and streetdance.

My final exams are next year and I'm not sure if I'll take lessons that year.
I take my exams very serious and I want to do well.
My parents tell me not to stop, because dancing is such a good way to relax and take everything from my mind.

So I have to make up my mind.


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