Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Next week I have my first meeting, of my internship.
I was nervous already but now!

I am going to work at a place where people still live on their own, but their is help for them.
There all different kind of people.
People who are in the last stage of life, and also people with Alzheimer.
Or people who had a car accident and are getting better there.
But I am quite nervous. And I didn't know the meeting would be next week.


I guess that I am nervous because I am not used to these situations.
I don't mind it, but in the beginning it's kinda scary.

I need to do so much for the meeting,
And I wonder about what we are going to talk.

I bet that when I talk to my mom, I won't be as nervous as now.
Mom has the power of making me less nervous or stressed.

I just hope everything turns out to be alright.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Lately I am having a lot of schoolwork.
Today I am going to the library because I have to do so much.

Because of school, I am really tired. And I have almost no time for myself.
Only like short times on a day, mostly it is when I am going to somewhere.

Today I am going to my sis her school, my old school.
We then go together to home and after that I am doing my homework.
I am going to the library while my sis is at her dance lessons.

Tomorrow is a long day.
I begin at 10.15 and finish at 15.30.

Maybe it seems short for you, but past years I mostly ended at 14.10 or 15.15.
Sometimes at 16.10 but that was not usual.

For Thursday I do have a lot of homework.
And then I have a weird day, just like past week, only without evening program.
This Thursday I have dance lessons again.

I love to dance, it is where I have some peace.
Because mostly I get stressed over school.

I am also interested in your day!
Comment on this post about your day, then I can comment back.

I hope you all have a nice day!

Monday, November 26, 2012

free today

Well as the name tells, I am free today.
Yet tomorrow I have school again. But that isn't something bad.

This weekend was loooonnnnggg.

At Saturday I had a Opendag, A day at school where outsiders can visit, and also people who wanna apply for the school can come to take a look.

I didn't really know what I had to do, but my sis came and kept me busy for most of the time. I also could practice things on my sis.

In the evening my best friend gave a party. I was there until 01:00. So from 8pm until 1am. It may seem a short time to you, but I don't go to parties that often and also not that long, mostly because I really need my sleep.

I am a person who needs a lot of sleep you know. Otherwise I can't keep my eyes open at school.

And yesterday I just had a bit of a lazy day, with some homework to do. Which ended up left on it's place, because I couldn't concentrate.

Today I  went to the mall, there was a shop which was searching for people. and since I am searching for work, it was nice. But I didn't fit the picture, of what they needed. So I ended up going home, without having any work.

But now I am writing this and after this I will do some homework. It isn't much, to my delight.

But now I am saying goodbye to you and I am going to do homework.

Hope you have a nice day and end up doing many nice and fun things.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

100 posts

I saw I have had more than 100 posts. Yay!!

and I saw that I have viewers!! I didn't really know people look. I thank you for reading my blog.

Hope I am interesting enough. I am now really happy!


A little about today.

I have lessons from 8.30 until 13.15 then from 13.30 until 14.30 practising my things.
Then from 15.00 until 16.00 fitness. Going home, shower, eat.
And then I have parentsnight. which means you tell stuff about what you do at the study, to your parents.

I am tired already and it is now. 11.50!!!

So I am a bit nervous for tonight. that isn't bad at all but it is still annoying. also because I still have to practice. I know about what I have to talk about. About what we are going to talk about, about care homes. I don't really know how to translate it to English so I try.

But I know stuff about it, no problem, but I am still very nervous.

Tomorrow a nice day with friends. And in the weekend we have open dag XD.
like a day where people can see what you do at school. I have that from 12.30 until 15.00
I am not looking forward to it very much. Not because of the people and stuff. But what I will practice today, I'll have to do it on Saturday. And I am insecure about that.

I know I am able to do it, but I am to careful and to insecure.

But I will do my best!!

Today I saw a picture of 2 of my favourite singers. I knew one was fan of the other, but further I didn't know.

Well that is it for now. may update more.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

busy, busy, busy

well hi everybody. I have been busy. Now that I am studying for nurse, I am busy.

So my birthday pasted recently. I had a lot of fun. And I will have a little party with my friends soon.

I knew becoming a nurse would be hard. But now, when I am doing it, It hit me hard. I have to do so much. And I need to adapt to everything. Mom told me that it is normal that everything takes it's time. But it is been hard for me. I want to do everything perfect, it is not bad that I want that. But I am a bit afraid that I will hurt someone.

Oh and I know when and where I will have my internship. I am really excited. But a bit afraid too. Not in a really bad way. But more like, will I do okay? And: what will it be like? and that kind of afraidness.

I try to work my hardest for everything, but lately I am feeling ill. I guess I am getting the flu or having already. I have been absent because of it and it is hard to get everything okay again. I also have problems with letting school know when I am better. I had called yesterday and suddenly the phone is acting strange and then it hangs up. So there I am, standing, thinking it must be okay. When I get at school today, first lesson, Well I saw you were absent yesterday. But I saw you yesterday. I am like. Huh? I am sure I called. Then my teacher sends me to the person who deals with this matter. She says I have to go to the teachers. But they sent me to her....

Ow and I have my hair different since beginning this school year. I now have fringe and I colored it a bit reddish. Not like totally red, but more a glow on my brown hair. So a long post on what has been keeping me busy. I try updating more these days, but I can't promise I can. As my postname says it, I am busy, busy, busy.

Friday, July 20, 2012


HIYA!!! I haven't post somthing in a while BUT I HAVE BIG NEWS!! I graduated!!! Now I will start learning to become a nurse after the Summer vacation. And I can't wait. There is so much to be done, but I bet that has been the same for others. Well this is it for now, I am kinda busy so. Hugs

Monday, May 14, 2012

What kind of job do I want in the future?

So I know what I want to become, I want to become a nurse. My mom told me that when I was little I also wanted to become a nurse. Yes, I want to help people who are ill or need help. I want to support people who have to be in the hospital. Maybe I decide to work on the children-department. I know I have to learn more then, but supporting children in a hard time seems good. I love children. And helping them in a hard and sad time would make me feel in a good place. I want to help people, and maybe save lives. I almost never had to be in hospital and if I were there I would go to the dentist-department or I would go for an open day where they show how it is in hospital. Or it was for someone else in the family. I went once for myself (as far I can remember) because I hurt my arm or something like that. But I hope I will be able to become nurse. Helping people is good, right? It would give me a great feeling, helping people is important, selfless and right to do.

Final Exams

Oh! next Wednesday my first final exam is there, I'll have to sit quiet in a big hall with a lot of students. I'm not that nervous but I'm more wondering about how it will be to sit there. I simply don't have a clue. One of my friends, who is in the same year as me, won't be doing her finals. I am not so sure if it is a great idea, but I will support her in her decision. I am not worried about Wednesday, mostly because the subject I have then aren't really difficult. The only subject I am worried about is Economics, which I have last. I hope I will not mess it up. This week I only have exams on Wednesday. Today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday I am free from exams or school. Next week I only have free on Thursday. So yeah that is it for today.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

when tomorrow comes, then there will only be 9 weeks until my exams.

The Title tells a lot about this topic.

Because From tomorrow I will have 9 weeks to prepare for my exams.
I'm ready for it. It is finally coming near. I still need to do a lot, but you know. I don't really mind. I want to do this.

I am ready to leave this school.
Because I have been trough a lot at this school. A lot of good stuff, but some bad stuff. There has been said too much about me.

But my friends have been the best that happened to me. They are so supporting and so nice.

I have to learn and train the subjects, my English classes won't be a problem, I talk and type a lot in it. Same for Dutch classes. The only thing what might be a problem is Economics. I am really bad at it.

For the rest I will be fine. So yeah.
That's why I am ready, only a little bit, not yet. :)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Queen her birthday.

There is a lot of speculation that our Queen will resign today.

They say it that it will be at 21:00.
Do we need to believe what people say? Or should be wait and see if it's true?
I think second is better to do.
I personally don't believe it. But who knows..

I think we shouldn't be speculating to much. We should trust the Queen on her decisions and just stop "gossiping".

Still I don't think she will resign, she is smart and she looks younger than she is.

Monday, January 30, 2012

exchange I'm in Spain

Well, same as the other post, it happened a long time ago but I thought it would be a good idea to post it, since everyone has been very kind and helpful for me. Some days may be short or even left out, then they were not of a big importance or I just wanted to keep it short. Or because of the fact it is from my diary that I wrote when I was there.

Day 1. March 28th

It's early in the morning. I'm sad and excited, I'm sure I'm going to miss everybody home, but I'm really excited to see my Spanish friends again.

I'm in a airplane!!! Wow! It is a beautiful view outside the window. I can see city beneath me, while there are clouds on top of the cities.
We are sitting next to a Spanish girl who has lived in Amsterdam for a while. She goes to Spain and back to The Netherlands over and over again.


I'm going to bed now, I'm a bit sad because I miss everyone. But it's okay, I will get used to it. It is my first night here. It is always a bit weird the first night, I guess.
We went into town, it's smells weird outside. I got candy, it was very sweet and delicious.
Tomorrow introduction, city tour and a barbecue. Wednesday I don't know what we'll do. My partner is very sweet for me.

Day 2.

In the morning here is really cold! I woke up and I was shivering. My new mom was very kind to me. She asked me if I wanted to eat something because we would have breakfast with the class.

When we arrived at school we had to wait in the hallway. I will be honest, but the when I first saw the school I thought it was a prison. Not meant to be mean. Then we went to the classroom Aula de Usos Múltiples, for the introduction. We've got a pin and we got a little video to see with the picture we made in front of the European flag. Then the head of the school held a speech. Then they played our national Anthem.

At 9:30 we had breakfast, Churros! (a dough, need to know more about it. (internet) because I don't know much about Churros) Chocolate kon Churros was us told, but I took orange juice. Which I drink a lot. The Churros smelled like pancakes. Not American but the Dutch ones, there is a difference. When we sat there I got hungry because it smelled so nice. In the beginning the Churros is not as heavy on your stomach so you think you can eat lots of it but it is actually quite heavy. But I can eat a lot, so soon after eating I got hungry again.
It was drizzling so I would appreciate my coat, which I left at my Spanish home.

Then we had city tour. Which I don't call city tour because we didn't go into town.

Then we had a barbecue. Which was delicious. It was partly food I'm used to and partly Spanish food. I ate macaroni and a lot of popcorn. I played basketball and laughed a lot.
End day 2.

Day 3.

we had dancing. Salsa, Merenge, Bachata and more. We also had theater, where we Dutch people had to talk Spanish, which sounded really funny. We had to laugh about it a lot. Around the evening we had disco. It was really hot in there so one of my friends, 2 Spanish friends and I went into town for some shopping. I saw this shirt which I loved but it was to small. My friends bought shoes which one of the Spanish girls had.

I am starting to feel more comfortable.

End day 3.

Day 4.

We went to Granada. It was really pretty. It is so warm here. And tomorrow it will be even worse. And I am not getting a tan. Which I really want. Granada is a must go!

Day 5.

We had sports day today. We first had to walk, which was over the 2 hours! I did tennis with a friend. That was too warm. it was even warmer than in The Netherlands around this time. It is spring and it feels here like summer. In The Netherlands we don't even have this weather, only in summer and still it is really uncommon. At the end of the day I was red! I get sunburned really easily and I did use sun lotion. But I guess it really didn't help.
In the evening I went bowling and I stayed in the park in the evening with a few friends an our partners.

Weekend. (day 6 & 7)

Saturday we went to Córdoba. We went shopping there. It is a small town which can be really crowded. I bought some souvenirs for home.
In the evening we had a party which I came home from 00:40. These people really live all day I must say. We had fun. But after a long time it was a bit boring. But they had really delicious food. They are really good with food.
Sunday was a bit of a lazy day.

Day 9

We went to Cazorla Natural Park, where we had a long walk. It was really pretty there. I felt good there because I love the nature. In the evening we had a farewell party, since it was our last evening here. We had fun. They had alcohol which I was very against.

Day 10 day of departure.

I'm not going to tell this all in detail. But I got sick. I woke up early. And got sick. My Spanish mom thought I drunk and I had a hangover. But I don't drink so I felt a bit offended.
In the bus was no fun. You can guess why. In the plane I slept most of the time. While my friend was talking to her neighbor. Who was also Dutch. In the bus to our town wasn't really fun either but I felt a little better. I slowly saw how evening fell upon The Netherlands. I was almost home! It made me feel happy but also a bit sad. Because I had have to say goodbye to Spain and my Spanish family and friends.

When we arrived at our school I was happy to see my mom, dad and brother. My sister would arrive the day after.

I was glad to be home.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

exchange students here

Sorry I didn't let anything hear. So now would be a great time to do so.
I skipped a few days so if you want to know about them I can update. But since it would be a very long talk I skipped the less important onces.

First day of exchange:

My partner arrived at school. They had a long night and were very tired but also very excited to meet us all. I was waiting for my partner outside of school, with my parents, brother and sister. First I met my partners mom. She is very kind. Then I met my partner, she is also very kind. They hugged me and I was first a bit shocked, in a good way.

We first had to go into our school for a welcome to our partners.
There talked one of the teachers, a few jokes where made to enlighten the talk but we were not really interested. We wanted to go home, with our parents and our new family member.

My sister had still school, my mom and brother had to go somewhere else so my dad dropped my partner and me of at home. At home I asked if my partner wanted something to drink, water she said. I gave her a pack of stuff she could use when she was here. It was for her to keep. So she could take it home.

She also gave me a present and my mom had one too. I love what she gave me, a sort of cushion where you can put stuff in and a flower necklace. I wear that necklace a lot. It is one of my favorites.

Later my sister came home with her partner. He was not nice to my sister, they had many problems with each other. Her partner didn't talk with her, he ignored her and a lot more. My sister did her best to make sure it would went well but it didn't work out that well.

We ate tomato soup and had fun, while my sisters partner was playing with his phone and ignored us.

end day 1.

day 4

We went to Amsterdam, first I wasn't feeling well, but I still went because it wouldn't be fair for my partner. And it would be fun for both of us, I thought.
So e went to Amsterdam, we had a lot of fun. My partner walked with her friends, as I walked with my friends. I did take care that she and I would still do things together. But I thought she should have the opportunity to be with her friends as well.

In the evening there was a party, but I wasn't feeling well so I didn't go. She went together with one of my friends and her partner. My friends partner and mine are good friends so it was a good opportunity.

end day 4.

In the weekend we went swimming with some friends. We had a lot of fun. My partner told me they didn't have swimming pools like we have. Still she enjoyed it.

Day 8.

The day of the stage night, the day we would preform for our parents, exchange partner and more people.

We had the day off after our last rehearse.

When we were waiting outside the place we would preform, I met the rest of the family of my partner, who came over to see their daughter and sister preform. They were very kind. Everyone around me was a bit jealous because I already met my family, and they didn't.

The performances went very well. My partner wanted to stay with her family the night so she didn't come home with us.

End day 8.

Day 11, the day that our exchange students would leave.

We all were very sad, and we were sure we would miss each other.
At the bus we were all crying and very sad. My sister left her classes to say goodbye to my partner. My partner had become our little sister. She had became very important.

End of the Spanish students here.