Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a merry christmas.

We're finally having a white christmas.
In fact is part of the country snowed in. And they've been told not to leave their homes unless it's absolutely necessary.
Here we have to walk a long way to the main road, because they haven't removed the snow in the neighbourhoods.

It's beautiful to look outside and I feel happy because of it.

Tomorrow we'll have a day at home, with friends and family dropping in.
And the day after we're going to my oldest brother who makes dinner for all of us.
Maybe I'm going to help him.

Friday, December 24, 2010

A white christmas for us

We're very lucky to have a white christmas.
And we're lucky to have good heating.

A few years ago the heating stopped at christmas.
It was freezing, so we had to call the repairman.
It took hours before he came and when he was finally here he said he couldn't make it because he needed a special part.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Almost no busses

Again we had a lot of snow.
My mom had to go with one of my brothers to hospital for a check up and later realised they were lucky to have found a bus to go there.
It took them half an hour longer to get there, which didn't matter as mom always leaves in time and is always early for appointments.

When they were finished she called us at home to tell they were waiting in the freezing cold, trying not to feel the wind, already for over 4o minutes.
We needn't worry, she said, but ofcourse we were not happy with that news.
The trains were not going, so we wondered how and when she would be at home again.

Finally a bus came going into the wrong direction... to town, but they decided to take it anyway, because it would bring them nearer to the busstation and nearer to friends. In case they got stuck.

Well, they managed to find a bus going in our direction and after hours they arrived at home.
Very tired ofcourse.
We made them hot chocolate and bread.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The famous car

This afternoon my mom suddenly called that we had to come down with our cameras.
She pinted outside and there it was: the car of cola, you know, the one from the advertisements, with the lights around it. It was shorter than on TV, but the large Santa was on t.

Two girls and a boy in lovely outfits pulled small car, as beautiful as the large one, and they went from door to door.

At our door one of them gave my mom a large bottle of cola.
It was fun to see how surprised she was.

The car in the snow.
It was getting darker, so we could see the car better.

It was great!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Armed robbery

I heard that there was an armed robbery nearby in the gardencentre.
In the online paper it said they wanted the money, but we think they were looking for the fireworks for the newyear's celebrations. Or maybe they thought the key was with the money in the moneydrawer.

I haven't been to that gardencentre for ages, but the idea that it happens so close to home is a bit frightening.

It was said they went away ...walking.

Then the gardencentre is the right place as that neighbourhood is a mash of short streets, gardenpaths and corners.

When they tried something like that in the shoppingcentre they would be caught in no time.

Now I hope the surveillancecamera has caught an good image of them.

Monday, December 20, 2010


We have had so much snow!

In the past my brothers taught us how to make a snowhut, and today we started to make one ourselves.
Girl's power!

A few friends helped too and we got a huge amount of snow which we pressed together in buckets before we put them on the walls.

Then a few other girls came and started to ask silly questions.

We just went on working at our snowhouse and closed the gardengate.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

..and more snow

Maybe it's a bit boring: reading about snow, but when you would be here you wouldn't be bored at all.

This morning we woke up and the bedroomwindow was completely covered with snow.
It had snowed so very much that we couldn't see the street.
The trees had white branches and everything else had a layer of about 10 cm on it.

Soon after it started to snow again.

Right now we have about 20 cm of snow and more is expected.

Ofcourse we had a lot fo fun in the snow. It's nice to have friends living close to my home.
When we were all cold and wet we went inside again. We got hot chocolate and it smelled very good.