Saturday, January 29, 2011

If not...

I wonder what happens if exchange students can't get along.

I feel very lucky with my exchange partner. She's wonderful and we can communicate well.

Some of the girls in my group can hardly communicate with their partner.
And the same goes for my sister.
She has to bridge the gap between two completely different cultures and that between boy and girl.

It's almost as if the school assumes everyone can go along well, but we all know that even within the same culture and group there are enormous differences.

So I wonder what happens if the exchange student only uses the family to sleep and ignores his partner and walks with the boys. For instance.

Friday, January 28, 2011


My mom sends greetings and thank you's for sending her birthday wishes.

Today it was very cold and i don't know if it was due to that cold weather or something else, but I felt so tired all day.

I'm so happy it's weekend now.

Tomorrow I'll sleep in, because sunday we'll have a balletperformance.

That means I have to stay in the building all afternoon.
First we have spacing and a try out of all the groups, and then a wait and after that two performances.

On monday I have a test at school.

Kind of busy.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A birthday

It's my moms birthday today.
It's a pity it's not in the weekend, because that would make a real difference.

Yesterday evening we had a short celebration after dinner, because at that time most of the kids were at home.
Today it was almost a normal day, as we had to go to school.

I had invited her to come to the shopping centre after school, so we could have a few moments together and I could show her something I was not sure enough that she would like.

But the teacher I expected not to be at school was at school, so that meant I was two hours later than planned.

We have to find another day to go.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A sister comes in handy

My sister got the plans for the student exchange today so we know the dates, times, flightnumbers from the arrival and leaving of our partners and ourselves.

My sister has to be at school at 4 in the night.
We're the only people without car...

I have to be there at 6.

She returns one day later than I, so I can wait for her and welcome her home.

My class hasn't got those details, so a sister comes in handy. :)

I can't wait until we meet our exchange partners. I've got nice contact with the girl who visits here. She is able to read and write english, but not all girls from her class are able to.

I feel very lucky.

The face of my borther shows no change yet. He is very careful to take his meds in time. That's all he can do at the moment.
Thanks for the well wishes for him.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An incident

Yesterday an incident happened at school in the final class.
One would suppose that people there know right from wrong and won't play with the feelings of others beyond the usual bullying.

I hate bullying, let's be clear about that.
But it's to make clear that what happened should not have happened at all and it was bad. Really bad.

It was brought to the attention of one of the schoolleaders and he called the kid in, had it admit what it had done and told to apologise.
The kid apologised and when all closed the door behind them said: "What a fuzz. I can do what I want, when I want."

The victim was completely left alone with her feelings and I think that was not allright.

At home we talked about it and both me and my sister think the school is far too lenient with kids like that.
It's like they're afraid of telling them the facts of life and that way they're agreeing, in a way, with what these kids do.
Only when they get a complaint something is said.

We think that after this incidents the parents should have been called in, so they can help their child to become a normal human being.

What do you think?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ballet. Yes!

Today I had a balletlesson again.
I love it!

The teacher is very sweet, but she's also very good.

It's one of the last lessons before a performance and we're looking forward to it.

I was very young when I started ballet.
When I was 2 I was already dancing in front of the radio, and when I saw my olders brother, who was studying at the ballet academy, I always tried to copy his moves.

Ballet is a great way to forget everything around me.

I'm lucky my teacher always finds wonderful music. People often ask her if she's got it on tape, so they can copy it.

My brother is taking his medication well and it seems his mouth is a bit less closed when he smiles.
I'm worried about him, but he doesn't feel ill.
Thanks for the nice comments and the well wishes. He says thanks too.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not a quiet weekend

We were in for a quiet weekend.
I had to write an important letter and I hope I did well.

My brother was rushed to hospital last evening because he had troubles with moving his face.
It scared us all.

First he said he had been sleeping on the nerve, but if that was the case he would have been able to move his face later in the day.

But when my parents saw it got worse he was brought to hospital. They were away within 5 minutes and in that 5 minutes mom told me and my sister what was happening too.
I was very worried, but when they got back the doctor was not so worried and my brother had 4 packaged with medication. Eyedrops for the day and something for the eye for the night and some tablets.

I hope he will be OK soon, because it is so strange to see him that way.