Saturday, January 8, 2011

The snow is gone

Almost all snow is gone now.
It look so strange everywhere.
But it's nice to go outside without gloves and sjawls.

Today it was my father's birthday and we kept it rather sober.
He didn't want any gifts, because we're saving money for the student exchange.
With twins it's twice as expensive.

My twinsister and I made some plans to launch activities in the neighbourhood, like washing cars.

Wish someone rich would sponsor us. :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Who will be my exchange student?

Wednesday we heard that the matching was almost done. All my classmates who participate this exchange gave some excited noises.
We have been waiting the hole holiday and this would be the final moment, but then our tutor said we had to wait until friday since they were not ready yet.

And yeah, today was the day, when we heard who where going to be our exchange students and I got home with a big smile, even when the rain was pouring down.
I came inside and heard my mom on the phone, she was talking to my dad. I didn't understand what was going on.
When mom was done phoning she asked why my tutor would call them and I was shocked, I could't remember I did something bad or wrong.

I gave a little smile and my mom smiled back, she was just fooling around.
She told me that my tutor was a little in shock since she and our other team leader found out there was another girl who participates the exchange, who they didn't know about.

Well since I don't have any place (my brother is autistic and he can't deal with other people in the house, and we have little space) for my exchange student I shared someone with one of my best friends.

But since there is another student who participates I will get my own but now my tutor has to find some place to stay for her.
I don't really want to since I've got homesickness and when I'm with someone I know, trust and who knows about my homesickness I can stand the situation better then when I'm alone.
My mom said I had to stop saying I didn't want it since we can't look in the future and we don't know how it will go in Spain. She offered to try to talk with the parents of my exchange student or write a letter in their language. She also said that these people are loving parents too and will care for me as well as they can.
I had to give in since my mom gave hole a story about how it would be for my exchange student and further. Even when I got a little irritated because she was going on and on and on, I thought what she was telling was true and I changed thinking about the fact that I got my own student. Now the only problem is that
my tutor has to find a place for my exchange student otherwise I have to stop calling the girl like that.
Furthermore I don't know anything about the girl, I know as much as my parents and the family. Nothing. I need to wait and hope that everything will be fine.
Wish us luck.
Or say: "break a leg". Which means the same as good luck. We use that in the theatre world before going on stage.
Bye, Bye.

We need to find donations and sponsoring for the exchange and I hope you will help me. Maybe you want me to send a card to you from Spain, or maybe you want me to write down something positive each day to conquer my homesickness? You can read more about donating and/or sponsoring: here

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's three kings day

It's three kings day and that's the last day of the christmasseason.

Tomorrow all the christmasornaments will be put away until the next season.

I always love the way our house looks at christmas.
Mom puts small golden ribbons in fromt of the large window of the livingroom and that gives everything a nice shine.

This year it was very special, because looking outside meant seeing golden and white and it was like every moment I could step into christmas.

It's a tradition here to honor the twelve days of christmas. These are the days between christmas and the arrival of the three kings. Not the days before christmas, as some commenrcial organisations wants us to believe.

Only today the whole christmasstory can be told, that's why this day is so important here.

Do you celebrate the three kings day?

We do it with cake with a bean. Who gets the bean doesn't have to do the dishes and can chose dinner for tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Becoming a nurse?

After the talk I had with my mom I have been thinking a lot about becoming a nurse.

It feels good and I can imagine myself caring for people in a hospital.
I don't want to become a community nurse, but I would love to work at the children's department or neonatology.

Within a month there's an information evening, but before that I can ask people who already work as a nurse.

Maybe some of my readers are a nurse too and want to share their experiences.

Do you like your job?
What do you like best?
What did you consider most difficult to train?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Choice for the future

Today we got paperwork for important choices we have to make regarding our future.
It included an invitation for an information evening about professions.

I'm one of the lucky people who are interested in many subjects, but it's also something that makes a choice for the future difficult.

I would love to work with children, for instance in  Kindergarten, but I can imagine myself as a nurse too.
I'm not afraid of the more serious sides of neonatology.

So I subscribed to these two subject at the evening.
As a third choice I opted for hairdressing and make-up.

We're quite happy the information evening is at our side of town, so it will be easy to go there on bicycle.
It's not often we're that lucky.
Sometimes it takes an hour to go somewhere and an hour to go back, waitingtime for the bus not included which can count up to 45 minutes in the evening.
The school doesn't say that evening goes without homework, so we're having a real disadvantage. Classmates with a car are at home within 15 minutes.

I'm excited to make a choice for a profession.

Monday, January 3, 2011


I was ready to go to school, and already on my bicycle when I started to feel ill.
It was not good at all, so I went back home.

because I was dizzy, nauseated and looked very pale, my mom wondered if I caught the flu that friends of us have at the moment.
I was there during the vacation.

Hopefully I'm better tomorrow, because I don't want to miss school.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A good start

Today we slept in.
The last opportunity, because tomorrow we have to go to school again.
I would have loved another week of vacation.

My brother took me with him when he had to photograph some things.

We needed to go with family members to see what they have to do for their job.

So I went with my brother who had a job in ITC,
observed my mom when she worked as a journalist. She told about reserach journalism.
And saw what my brother has to do as a photographer.

It was very interesting.

Now school starts again.