Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Next week I have my first meeting, of my internship.
I was nervous already but now!

I am going to work at a place where people still live on their own, but their is help for them.
There all different kind of people.
People who are in the last stage of life, and also people with Alzheimer.
Or people who had a car accident and are getting better there.
But I am quite nervous. And I didn't know the meeting would be next week.


I guess that I am nervous because I am not used to these situations.
I don't mind it, but in the beginning it's kinda scary.

I need to do so much for the meeting,
And I wonder about what we are going to talk.

I bet that when I talk to my mom, I won't be as nervous as now.
Mom has the power of making me less nervous or stressed.

I just hope everything turns out to be alright.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Lately I am having a lot of schoolwork.
Today I am going to the library because I have to do so much.

Because of school, I am really tired. And I have almost no time for myself.
Only like short times on a day, mostly it is when I am going to somewhere.

Today I am going to my sis her school, my old school.
We then go together to home and after that I am doing my homework.
I am going to the library while my sis is at her dance lessons.

Tomorrow is a long day.
I begin at 10.15 and finish at 15.30.

Maybe it seems short for you, but past years I mostly ended at 14.10 or 15.15.
Sometimes at 16.10 but that was not usual.

For Thursday I do have a lot of homework.
And then I have a weird day, just like past week, only without evening program.
This Thursday I have dance lessons again.

I love to dance, it is where I have some peace.
Because mostly I get stressed over school.

I am also interested in your day!
Comment on this post about your day, then I can comment back.

I hope you all have a nice day!

Monday, November 26, 2012

free today

Well as the name tells, I am free today.
Yet tomorrow I have school again. But that isn't something bad.

This weekend was loooonnnnggg.

At Saturday I had a Opendag, A day at school where outsiders can visit, and also people who wanna apply for the school can come to take a look.

I didn't really know what I had to do, but my sis came and kept me busy for most of the time. I also could practice things on my sis.

In the evening my best friend gave a party. I was there until 01:00. So from 8pm until 1am. It may seem a short time to you, but I don't go to parties that often and also not that long, mostly because I really need my sleep.

I am a person who needs a lot of sleep you know. Otherwise I can't keep my eyes open at school.

And yesterday I just had a bit of a lazy day, with some homework to do. Which ended up left on it's place, because I couldn't concentrate.

Today I  went to the mall, there was a shop which was searching for people. and since I am searching for work, it was nice. But I didn't fit the picture, of what they needed. So I ended up going home, without having any work.

But now I am writing this and after this I will do some homework. It isn't much, to my delight.

But now I am saying goodbye to you and I am going to do homework.

Hope you have a nice day and end up doing many nice and fun things.