Thursday, December 23, 2010

Almost no busses

Again we had a lot of snow.
My mom had to go with one of my brothers to hospital for a check up and later realised they were lucky to have found a bus to go there.
It took them half an hour longer to get there, which didn't matter as mom always leaves in time and is always early for appointments.

When they were finished she called us at home to tell they were waiting in the freezing cold, trying not to feel the wind, already for over 4o minutes.
We needn't worry, she said, but ofcourse we were not happy with that news.
The trains were not going, so we wondered how and when she would be at home again.

Finally a bus came going into the wrong direction... to town, but they decided to take it anyway, because it would bring them nearer to the busstation and nearer to friends. In case they got stuck.

Well, they managed to find a bus going in our direction and after hours they arrived at home.
Very tired ofcourse.
We made them hot chocolate and bread.


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