Monday, December 6, 2010

Ice and school

When we woke up the world was covered in ice.
It was freezing and all the water from the rain and melted snow was changed into ice.

I had to go to school, but it was quite a job to get there.
First I had to walk...ahem...slippery slip, through the neighbourhood. The streets were mirrors.

Then I arrived at the main roads were parts of the streets had been treated with salt, so the cars drove rather fast. That was dangerous, because at the crossings there was more wind and so there suddenly was ice again.

So watching the trafficlights wasn't enough to be safe.

I nearly fell three times.

I was just in time at school.
The teacher of the first hour kept the door open for those who were a bit late and she let me in too.
That safes me coming back to school at 8 tomorrow morning, which means I have to be up at 6. So I was very grateful for that.

Going back home was far easier, but when I came back from ballet it was freezing again.
I was so happy to be home again!


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