Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year!

You can see my card for you in the former post.

We were all very OK to say goodbye to the past year. No tears, no regrets, we just didn't look back at all and stepped into 2011 with the intention to make it a good year.

My brother had a fireworkarrow, or how do you call it?, where a written wish could be put in.
So mom worte a wish for all of us and he asked us to be present when he aired it.

That was after we wished each other happy new year.

He wanted the arrow to go to the left of him, but it went up in a bow to right above our heads and there it make a poof and a wonderful coloured umbrella was over us.

That was very nice.

For the first time in years we were outside right after midnight and we walked to friends of us nearby and brought them our wishes and went to another family of friends and brought our wishes too.

Then we went home.
It was misty and we had all those firworks above us. Very strange.

None of the neightbours were at home, so we were allowed to have the music louder than usual and we danced a bit, ate some traditional food and had some 7up.

Then we went to bed.
That was a very good start of the year.


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