Tuesday, January 11, 2011

That was stupid

I was so happy to hear about the exchange student and that we got in contact that I forgot that not only kilometers are between us.
In my mind she was already far more familiar than she is so I forgot that she might read my mails different from my intention.

I told her that my brothers have autism.
I'm so familiar with them that I forgot that many people don't even know what autism is, or have a completely different picture from it than my brothers display.
Autism is just a name for such a huge variety of problems.

Oh, I feel so stupid.

On top of it: I couldn't sleep and I was so enthousiastic that I asked if she was online, far too late in the evening.
It was irresponsible. Not only to her, but to me too.

As soon as my mother saw I was online she asked me if I was nuts and made me go to bed. People in Spain thought I was nuts.

I'm so sorry I caused a problem.

As soon as I heard that the people in Spain had serious questions about it all, I explained it and apologised.

I'm very happy that everything is alright now.

I'll be blogging about autism this week, but for now I say goodbye.


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