Thursday, February 10, 2011

Packing your travelbag

When you're going to travel by plane you should know how to use the available space in your bags as good as possible.

Ofcourse you shouldn't take anything with you you're not allowed to take with you.
You can find the rules on the site of every airport and on the sites of many embassies.

When you have questions, ask them, or leave the item you have questions about at home.

You should also know what you're allowed to take with you when traveling back.

Take old socks and underwear with you and when you've used them throw them away. That creates space for souvenirs.
When you plan to buy a watch or other things, don't take the old ones with you.

In your handluggage:
  • ID papers
  • traveltickets
  • money
  • medication. If possible in sealed package.
  • recipe in latin of the medication you're taking with you. With stamps from doctor or pharmacy.
  • chococlatebar, in case you're hungry.
  • chewinggum
  • glasses
  • copies of your ID and other paperwork. (Also in case)
  • adressbook
  • handkerchief
And the best way to pack your bag is this one:


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