Thursday, November 22, 2012


A little about today.

I have lessons from 8.30 until 13.15 then from 13.30 until 14.30 practising my things.
Then from 15.00 until 16.00 fitness. Going home, shower, eat.
And then I have parentsnight. which means you tell stuff about what you do at the study, to your parents.

I am tired already and it is now. 11.50!!!

So I am a bit nervous for tonight. that isn't bad at all but it is still annoying. also because I still have to practice. I know about what I have to talk about. About what we are going to talk about, about care homes. I don't really know how to translate it to English so I try.

But I know stuff about it, no problem, but I am still very nervous.

Tomorrow a nice day with friends. And in the weekend we have open dag XD.
like a day where people can see what you do at school. I have that from 12.30 until 15.00
I am not looking forward to it very much. Not because of the people and stuff. But what I will practice today, I'll have to do it on Saturday. And I am insecure about that.

I know I am able to do it, but I am to careful and to insecure.

But I will do my best!!

Today I saw a picture of 2 of my favourite singers. I knew one was fan of the other, but further I didn't know.

Well that is it for now. may update more.


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