Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Meeting people

I don't know, but when I meet new people, I get nervous.
I wanna walk away and just not look back.

But this time I just went for it.
A classmate and I talked allot about stuff and she said her friend and I would be good match.
So we added each other on FB, and we talked.
We planned for a meeting, and we ended up going to dinner with the three of us.

We ended up going to dinner, and finding more matching things we thought.
We are both very spiritual. We like the same programs (which is so fun since we end up talking about it allot XD) I am really happy.

Also that day we had an waiter, and I can say, I have an eye on him. I like him.
He is really cute and he seems really nice.
In the class we talked about it, and because of the class. I could find him.
Now I requested friendship from him, only no answer yet.

I am really a person who keeps back.
I am so nervous when it comes to taking the first step.
Especially with people I haven't met yet, well spoken openly to.

I am kinda worried that I might freak him out, by being myself.
I don't know but I am not the prettiest (even though I am really happy about myself)
I just don't want him to run off after we met. Or speak.

But I don't want the scare chase the things I want, away.
So I am going for it, even though I am really scared.

Lets do this together, you and me.
Lets not be scared anymore.


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