Monday, January 30, 2012

exchange I'm in Spain

Well, same as the other post, it happened a long time ago but I thought it would be a good idea to post it, since everyone has been very kind and helpful for me. Some days may be short or even left out, then they were not of a big importance or I just wanted to keep it short. Or because of the fact it is from my diary that I wrote when I was there.

Day 1. March 28th

It's early in the morning. I'm sad and excited, I'm sure I'm going to miss everybody home, but I'm really excited to see my Spanish friends again.

I'm in a airplane!!! Wow! It is a beautiful view outside the window. I can see city beneath me, while there are clouds on top of the cities.
We are sitting next to a Spanish girl who has lived in Amsterdam for a while. She goes to Spain and back to The Netherlands over and over again.


I'm going to bed now, I'm a bit sad because I miss everyone. But it's okay, I will get used to it. It is my first night here. It is always a bit weird the first night, I guess.
We went into town, it's smells weird outside. I got candy, it was very sweet and delicious.
Tomorrow introduction, city tour and a barbecue. Wednesday I don't know what we'll do. My partner is very sweet for me.

Day 2.

In the morning here is really cold! I woke up and I was shivering. My new mom was very kind to me. She asked me if I wanted to eat something because we would have breakfast with the class.

When we arrived at school we had to wait in the hallway. I will be honest, but the when I first saw the school I thought it was a prison. Not meant to be mean. Then we went to the classroom Aula de Usos Múltiples, for the introduction. We've got a pin and we got a little video to see with the picture we made in front of the European flag. Then the head of the school held a speech. Then they played our national Anthem.

At 9:30 we had breakfast, Churros! (a dough, need to know more about it. (internet) because I don't know much about Churros) Chocolate kon Churros was us told, but I took orange juice. Which I drink a lot. The Churros smelled like pancakes. Not American but the Dutch ones, there is a difference. When we sat there I got hungry because it smelled so nice. In the beginning the Churros is not as heavy on your stomach so you think you can eat lots of it but it is actually quite heavy. But I can eat a lot, so soon after eating I got hungry again.
It was drizzling so I would appreciate my coat, which I left at my Spanish home.

Then we had city tour. Which I don't call city tour because we didn't go into town.

Then we had a barbecue. Which was delicious. It was partly food I'm used to and partly Spanish food. I ate macaroni and a lot of popcorn. I played basketball and laughed a lot.
End day 2.

Day 3.

we had dancing. Salsa, Merenge, Bachata and more. We also had theater, where we Dutch people had to talk Spanish, which sounded really funny. We had to laugh about it a lot. Around the evening we had disco. It was really hot in there so one of my friends, 2 Spanish friends and I went into town for some shopping. I saw this shirt which I loved but it was to small. My friends bought shoes which one of the Spanish girls had.

I am starting to feel more comfortable.

End day 3.

Day 4.

We went to Granada. It was really pretty. It is so warm here. And tomorrow it will be even worse. And I am not getting a tan. Which I really want. Granada is a must go!

Day 5.

We had sports day today. We first had to walk, which was over the 2 hours! I did tennis with a friend. That was too warm. it was even warmer than in The Netherlands around this time. It is spring and it feels here like summer. In The Netherlands we don't even have this weather, only in summer and still it is really uncommon. At the end of the day I was red! I get sunburned really easily and I did use sun lotion. But I guess it really didn't help.
In the evening I went bowling and I stayed in the park in the evening with a few friends an our partners.

Weekend. (day 6 & 7)

Saturday we went to Córdoba. We went shopping there. It is a small town which can be really crowded. I bought some souvenirs for home.
In the evening we had a party which I came home from 00:40. These people really live all day I must say. We had fun. But after a long time it was a bit boring. But they had really delicious food. They are really good with food.
Sunday was a bit of a lazy day.

Day 9

We went to Cazorla Natural Park, where we had a long walk. It was really pretty there. I felt good there because I love the nature. In the evening we had a farewell party, since it was our last evening here. We had fun. They had alcohol which I was very against.

Day 10 day of departure.

I'm not going to tell this all in detail. But I got sick. I woke up early. And got sick. My Spanish mom thought I drunk and I had a hangover. But I don't drink so I felt a bit offended.
In the bus was no fun. You can guess why. In the plane I slept most of the time. While my friend was talking to her neighbor. Who was also Dutch. In the bus to our town wasn't really fun either but I felt a little better. I slowly saw how evening fell upon The Netherlands. I was almost home! It made me feel happy but also a bit sad. Because I had have to say goodbye to Spain and my Spanish family and friends.

When we arrived at our school I was happy to see my mom, dad and brother. My sister would arrive the day after.

I was glad to be home.


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