Sunday, January 29, 2012

exchange students here

Sorry I didn't let anything hear. So now would be a great time to do so.
I skipped a few days so if you want to know about them I can update. But since it would be a very long talk I skipped the less important onces.

First day of exchange:

My partner arrived at school. They had a long night and were very tired but also very excited to meet us all. I was waiting for my partner outside of school, with my parents, brother and sister. First I met my partners mom. She is very kind. Then I met my partner, she is also very kind. They hugged me and I was first a bit shocked, in a good way.

We first had to go into our school for a welcome to our partners.
There talked one of the teachers, a few jokes where made to enlighten the talk but we were not really interested. We wanted to go home, with our parents and our new family member.

My sister had still school, my mom and brother had to go somewhere else so my dad dropped my partner and me of at home. At home I asked if my partner wanted something to drink, water she said. I gave her a pack of stuff she could use when she was here. It was for her to keep. So she could take it home.

She also gave me a present and my mom had one too. I love what she gave me, a sort of cushion where you can put stuff in and a flower necklace. I wear that necklace a lot. It is one of my favorites.

Later my sister came home with her partner. He was not nice to my sister, they had many problems with each other. Her partner didn't talk with her, he ignored her and a lot more. My sister did her best to make sure it would went well but it didn't work out that well.

We ate tomato soup and had fun, while my sisters partner was playing with his phone and ignored us.

end day 1.

day 4

We went to Amsterdam, first I wasn't feeling well, but I still went because it wouldn't be fair for my partner. And it would be fun for both of us, I thought.
So e went to Amsterdam, we had a lot of fun. My partner walked with her friends, as I walked with my friends. I did take care that she and I would still do things together. But I thought she should have the opportunity to be with her friends as well.

In the evening there was a party, but I wasn't feeling well so I didn't go. She went together with one of my friends and her partner. My friends partner and mine are good friends so it was a good opportunity.

end day 4.

In the weekend we went swimming with some friends. We had a lot of fun. My partner told me they didn't have swimming pools like we have. Still she enjoyed it.

Day 8.

The day of the stage night, the day we would preform for our parents, exchange partner and more people.

We had the day off after our last rehearse.

When we were waiting outside the place we would preform, I met the rest of the family of my partner, who came over to see their daughter and sister preform. They were very kind. Everyone around me was a bit jealous because I already met my family, and they didn't.

The performances went very well. My partner wanted to stay with her family the night so she didn't come home with us.

End day 8.

Day 11, the day that our exchange students would leave.

We all were very sad, and we were sure we would miss each other.
At the bus we were all crying and very sad. My sister left her classes to say goodbye to my partner. My partner had become our little sister. She had became very important.

End of the Spanish students here.


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