Sunday, March 11, 2012

when tomorrow comes, then there will only be 9 weeks until my exams.

The Title tells a lot about this topic.

Because From tomorrow I will have 9 weeks to prepare for my exams.
I'm ready for it. It is finally coming near. I still need to do a lot, but you know. I don't really mind. I want to do this.

I am ready to leave this school.
Because I have been trough a lot at this school. A lot of good stuff, but some bad stuff. There has been said too much about me.

But my friends have been the best that happened to me. They are so supporting and so nice.

I have to learn and train the subjects, my English classes won't be a problem, I talk and type a lot in it. Same for Dutch classes. The only thing what might be a problem is Economics. I am really bad at it.

For the rest I will be fine. So yeah.
That's why I am ready, only a little bit, not yet. :)


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