Monday, May 14, 2012

Final Exams

Oh! next Wednesday my first final exam is there, I'll have to sit quiet in a big hall with a lot of students. I'm not that nervous but I'm more wondering about how it will be to sit there. I simply don't have a clue. One of my friends, who is in the same year as me, won't be doing her finals. I am not so sure if it is a great idea, but I will support her in her decision. I am not worried about Wednesday, mostly because the subject I have then aren't really difficult. The only subject I am worried about is Economics, which I have last. I hope I will not mess it up. This week I only have exams on Wednesday. Today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday I am free from exams or school. Next week I only have free on Thursday. So yeah that is it for today.


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