Tuesday, June 4, 2013

hiya.... again

I am so busy with everything.

School exams. And my internship has also finished, with great grades.

But today was a long day.
I had an important exam at the end of all my lessons>
After that I went to my mom who had a appointment in the hospital.

I ended up being there earlier or so I thought.
I waited for mom, looking at the door, not expecting to see her come from the other side.

She sat beside me and said something very short and started calling my dad.
I then heard what was going on.

She would be urgently admitted for heart problems.

I stayed with her for the time being.
But I also had to get stuff for her.

So I went home quickly, ate and took stuff and went back again.
Then I stayed, longer than the visiting hours.

When I finally got home, I had to pick up her bike.

So there I went again.

Around then I was finally home to stay.
I couldn't do a lot of homework. And I am so tired of being busy.
In the beginning I thought today was going slow, and would be boring.
It was the opposite.

Well that was my day.....


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