Sunday, June 30, 2013

will I pass or not?

tomorrow is an important day, because then I have to make an important exam.
Remember I said in my last post that I had an exam on the day my mom was admitted?
Well I failed, very bad.

So tomorrow I will re-do it, I hope I pass. But to be honest I am kinda worried, concerned.
Will I pass or not?

Oh and another thing, mom is home. I can't say totally fine, but at least I can say she is here.

The day after tomorrow I will hear if I passed, I am nervous already, hihi. Not totally, more good nerves.
I did my best, and tomorrow I will give it my all! Me fighting~!

I can't wait for vacation. A bit of my own time. I want to do so much ^^
I want to learn Japanese. I know a few words and maybe 2 sentences but not enough to survive in Japanese.

But I will give it my all! ^^

I am going to use more characters. (^.^) hihi
Always wanted to do that.

See you soon.


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