Friday, February 18, 2011

Just two days to go

It's friday... and monday my exchange student will arrive.
I can't wait. She's so nice and lovely. And today I found out she's the same height as I am.
I'm not very large, the shortest kid of our year. So it's nice not to have to look up to talk to someone.

Mom bought large cusions to sit on, as we don't have enough place on the couches for everyone to sit on when the exchange students and my brothers are at home.
Plans are made and now it's cleaning and waiting.

At sunday the exchange partner of my sister arrives and on monday mine.
I'm happy for my sister she's finally been able to talk with the guy in facebook. She's finally looking forward to the exchange too.

Someone asked how many donations we've got so far.
The answer is easy: none.
That's not what we hoped for.

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