Monday, November 26, 2012

free today

Well as the name tells, I am free today.
Yet tomorrow I have school again. But that isn't something bad.

This weekend was loooonnnnggg.

At Saturday I had a Opendag, A day at school where outsiders can visit, and also people who wanna apply for the school can come to take a look.

I didn't really know what I had to do, but my sis came and kept me busy for most of the time. I also could practice things on my sis.

In the evening my best friend gave a party. I was there until 01:00. So from 8pm until 1am. It may seem a short time to you, but I don't go to parties that often and also not that long, mostly because I really need my sleep.

I am a person who needs a lot of sleep you know. Otherwise I can't keep my eyes open at school.

And yesterday I just had a bit of a lazy day, with some homework to do. Which ended up left on it's place, because I couldn't concentrate.

Today I  went to the mall, there was a shop which was searching for people. and since I am searching for work, it was nice. But I didn't fit the picture, of what they needed. So I ended up going home, without having any work.

But now I am writing this and after this I will do some homework. It isn't much, to my delight.

But now I am saying goodbye to you and I am going to do homework.

Hope you have a nice day and end up doing many nice and fun things.



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