Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Next week I have my first meeting, of my internship.
I was nervous already but now!

I am going to work at a place where people still live on their own, but their is help for them.
There all different kind of people.
People who are in the last stage of life, and also people with Alzheimer.
Or people who had a car accident and are getting better there.
But I am quite nervous. And I didn't know the meeting would be next week.


I guess that I am nervous because I am not used to these situations.
I don't mind it, but in the beginning it's kinda scary.

I need to do so much for the meeting,
And I wonder about what we are going to talk.

I bet that when I talk to my mom, I won't be as nervous as now.
Mom has the power of making me less nervous or stressed.

I just hope everything turns out to be alright.


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