Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Lately I am having a lot of schoolwork.
Today I am going to the library because I have to do so much.

Because of school, I am really tired. And I have almost no time for myself.
Only like short times on a day, mostly it is when I am going to somewhere.

Today I am going to my sis her school, my old school.
We then go together to home and after that I am doing my homework.
I am going to the library while my sis is at her dance lessons.

Tomorrow is a long day.
I begin at 10.15 and finish at 15.30.

Maybe it seems short for you, but past years I mostly ended at 14.10 or 15.15.
Sometimes at 16.10 but that was not usual.

For Thursday I do have a lot of homework.
And then I have a weird day, just like past week, only without evening program.
This Thursday I have dance lessons again.

I love to dance, it is where I have some peace.
Because mostly I get stressed over school.

I am also interested in your day!
Comment on this post about your day, then I can comment back.

I hope you all have a nice day!


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