Sunday, June 30, 2013

do you see me?

I am a little worried, or curious.
Do people read my blog, or do they accidental end up here?

I would love to have readers, hihi. Maybe because I want to exchange experiences.

But everytime I post something, I look into the stats, seeing how many people look here.
Mostly about my my golden rules of internet.

But then I wonder, are people really interested in me, or the advise I give.
I can give more advise, but I thought this blog was to exchange experiences with people all over the world. Telling them about me.

It is not that this topic keeps me awake at night or something... hihi

I wonder how people picture me, like some little kid or someone much older.
I still worry so much, yet it is not needed. I believe.

I have a good life (as far as it goes) and I have a good family (with ups and downs)
I have loving friends (who I see now and then because of my study)
and I have people surrounding me who don't like me that much.... and I don't mind. :3
I would mind if they bother me, but I am not really bothered by people who hate me or anything.
Mostly because I send them out of my life, and don't see again...

Which brings this topic to another area.
See I am thinking a lot.
And for the first time in a while, I am really writing it down.
I used to have diary, but I stopped writing because I was too busy writing in it, and I was actually full before I knew.

But to go back to the topic I was, Do you see me?
Or am I just a little person on this big, big world?
I would love to be more than that. I want to achieve something. I want to do something to make this world better, to make it a better place to live. Or is that a too big of a dream?

Am I a dreaming? possibly............ obviously.
I dream about how well this world could be, without bullies, without hate, and without war.
But about those last things, I can't do much about.
That is in the hands of every person it's own.
War is something like a fight, a row. But it escalates into something really bad, with effects on many lives.

So let me say this, don't fight, don't hate and don't even think about bullying someone, because it hurts.
And it makes people really sad.

So be kind, give live some love. And live your life without regrets. Do something you'll end up thinking about, Did I really do that?! Than thinking back, I wish I did that.

Live and Shine, shine like the sun!


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