Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ballet performance

Today we had a balletperformance.

It was not from the usual classes, but from the choreography project.

That means we've made our own dance, had to find our own music, and dealt with the balletwear ourselves.

We were with a small group.
One of us has a different style and she's longer, so she did the centre-dancing.

Before today we were about third on the list to perform, but after we had the general rehearsal we were last. I didn't like that until mom told us that the best comes last. Wow!

We did very well.
I had a special place in the whole dance. When we were making it the music lasted too long and we needed to make an end to it.So I got that part. It was fun to be the only one to leave the stage with an attitude. :)

Everyone was very positive and said I clearly show talent.
So maybe I shouldn't drop ballet next year. Not at all!

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