Saturday, February 5, 2011

Storm and sea

Today my oldest brother had his birthday and that made it the 25 year anniversary of my mom being a mom.

Because we needed to use up traintickets for a day to travel anywhere we wanted we went with us 4: my twinsister, my brother and mom. We've done this before and we always liked it a lot.

We never go with a good plan but just see what happens.

Mom wanted to go to the beach, my brother needed to go to Amsterdam.
When we were on the train someone mentioned an airplane in the hall of schiphol, so we went there first. Took some photos and had a look at the airplanes. We tried to find out which one would be the one we will be on to our exchange.

Our visit to Amsterdam was nice too.
We went to a couple of shops after our brother went to his appointment.
I bought a surprise package at our favorite buddhism shop and got some lovely items, like a chinese pendant and incense. And I brought a kind of chinese umbrella.
we were lucky to be there at the beginning of the sales.

Mom always said that she loved to be at sea during a storm and she was right.
Even though the sand was very hurting in the face, it was great to be there.
It was easy to escape from the sand just by walking near the sea.
Only at the end of the afternoon it started to get a bit cold, but for the rest of the time we had a good temperature.
It was magnificent to see the sea. All white with lots of waves and foam which was blown over the sand.

When we came home we all had lots of sand between our toes and we were very tired. But it was great!


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