Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Choice for the future

Today we got paperwork for important choices we have to make regarding our future.
It included an invitation for an information evening about professions.

I'm one of the lucky people who are interested in many subjects, but it's also something that makes a choice for the future difficult.

I would love to work with children, for instance in  Kindergarten, but I can imagine myself as a nurse too.
I'm not afraid of the more serious sides of neonatology.

So I subscribed to these two subject at the evening.
As a third choice I opted for hairdressing and make-up.

We're quite happy the information evening is at our side of town, so it will be easy to go there on bicycle.
It's not often we're that lucky.
Sometimes it takes an hour to go somewhere and an hour to go back, waitingtime for the bus not included which can count up to 45 minutes in the evening.
The school doesn't say that evening goes without homework, so we're having a real disadvantage. Classmates with a car are at home within 15 minutes.

I'm excited to make a choice for a profession.


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