Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's three kings day

It's three kings day and that's the last day of the christmasseason.

Tomorrow all the christmasornaments will be put away until the next season.

I always love the way our house looks at christmas.
Mom puts small golden ribbons in fromt of the large window of the livingroom and that gives everything a nice shine.

This year it was very special, because looking outside meant seeing golden and white and it was like every moment I could step into christmas.

It's a tradition here to honor the twelve days of christmas. These are the days between christmas and the arrival of the three kings. Not the days before christmas, as some commenrcial organisations wants us to believe.

Only today the whole christmasstory can be told, that's why this day is so important here.

Do you celebrate the three kings day?

We do it with cake with a bean. Who gets the bean doesn't have to do the dishes and can chose dinner for tomorrow.


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