Sunday, January 16, 2011

Flamenco skirt

My mom went to the attic today to tidy some things and put our iceskates there. When She came down she had a black jacket, a skirt and a pair of trousers which might fit one of us.

The jacket is for me, because it fits me.
And I tried the skirt.

It's black with a red border with white flowers on it.
It's a circle skirt, a real one.

I love it.

Mom told me she used to wear it during the flamenco lessons she had.
I can imagine here throwing all ther energy and passion in it.
I've seen her using her feet to create the flamboyant rhythm of the flamenco.
She can use them so fast that she doesn't have to flop her feet, but she can just stamp the rhythm without missing a beat. Wow!

So now the skirt is going to us.

And I'm going to Spain this year.

That makes me think...


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