Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Info evening

Today we had an info evening at school about choices for the right educational choices for our future.

This was the second evening and it was almost the same as the evening we had before and was told to be an introduction.

So we looked at the same slides.
Even the coffee was as bad as before.

Parnets were told we had to do this and we had to do that.
A large part of all those things I've done already.
We need to do them because we get a mark for them.

It's a complete waste of time to go through stream diagrams and answer loads of questions becuse I want to become a nurse.
It's nice for those who don't know what to do with their future.

They showed a professor who told what parents need to do.
Well, I've got perfect parents as they do the same as that guy said they should do.
With one exception.

The guy said that people of my age are not able to oversee consequences and are not able to know how teachers and other grown ups think about them.

I don't know what kind of kids he researched, but I've been taught at home to think about consequences. I've talked a lot with my mom about all sorts of professions and she showed me the pros and cons of the jobs, and also ways to grow in a job and find a way up. Which extra education is needed, what the prospects are of getting a better job.
I can become a teacher at Kindergarten and become principal.
Or I can become a nurse and grow all my life and become a nurse practitioner, or whatever I want.
I would love to work at the neonathology unit. And I know it's a very intense job, dealing with terribly ill children and dealing with their parents. Dealing with death too.

So for me this evening was wasted time.


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