Saturday, January 22, 2011

2 brothers, 2 winners

This week a young man won a singing contest and today his brother won another one.

I love to hear things like that.
It's so interesting that certain talents run through a whole family and quality shows.

My mom comes from a family with lots of singers and balletdancers.

Her uncles even had a family choir for all the uncles and nephews, fathers and sons.
The balletdancers pop-up through the generations in families.

We're one of them.
My mom was a great ballet dancer, as were 3 of the 4 brothers and my sister and I.
Two years before my mom stopped were were all together on stage and that was very special.

In this generation there's another family in the great family where mom and children are balletdancers. It's a pity they live so far away.

Music is such a marvellous thing for people.


  1. Very talented naman kyo :)
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  2. What a very talented family. It really shows that it runs in the family. More writings please.And oh, i just followed u...