Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Clock is ticking

Today we're one day nearer to the exchange.

Both me and my sister studied very hard and so concentrated that were were both very surprised.
Because I did very well with the former test I felt very encouraged, so I hope my tests will be OK tomorrow.

Yesterday one of my brothers had two very important exams and he passed them both well.
I feel very happy for him, because one of those tests was a much feared one.

Today my oldest brother came to make pizza. He has a shop near where he lives where they sell delicious pizzas and he brought those to us. Yummy!

We discussed how we would manage dinner with so many people at home next week.
It's either two rounds of dinner or sitting all together in the livingroom. Mom found some sitting...eh.... things in a leaflet that seemed to be great for us to sit on, losing no space and gaining a seat.
My brother said he had the same thought and he would get two of them tomorrow morning and maybe we can get some more later in the week.

Another problem solved.


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