Monday, January 24, 2011

Ballet. Yes!

Today I had a balletlesson again.
I love it!

The teacher is very sweet, but she's also very good.

It's one of the last lessons before a performance and we're looking forward to it.

I was very young when I started ballet.
When I was 2 I was already dancing in front of the radio, and when I saw my olders brother, who was studying at the ballet academy, I always tried to copy his moves.

Ballet is a great way to forget everything around me.

I'm lucky my teacher always finds wonderful music. People often ask her if she's got it on tape, so they can copy it.

My brother is taking his medication well and it seems his mouth is a bit less closed when he smiles.
I'm worried about him, but he doesn't feel ill.
Thanks for the nice comments and the well wishes. He says thanks too.


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